support law enforcementOne of the biggest pitfalls of our modern world is the way that communities treat local law enforcement officers. Many people vandalize their cars, nickname them pigs, and make cruel jokes about their lack of ability to do anything but eat doughnuts, when in fact, without law enforcement, our lives would be stark and crime-filled. Instead of focusing on all of the ways that our modern world lacks respect, here are some ways that you can show your support towards law enforcement in your daily life:

1. If you have any knowledge of crimes that need to be reported or you recognize the perpetrator featured on a wanted poster, make sure to call the local law enforcement tip line. It allows officers to work on catching the bad guys as opposed to being hung up on another case that’s unlikely to be solved. Think of this as your personal duty!

2. Whenever speaking to law enforcement, show respect by addressing him or her as sir or ma’am. Make sure you don’t use a sarcastic tone or sound sickly sweet when responding to questions as it automatically sends the wrong message.

3. In everyday conversations, support law enforcement officers by educating others about all of the things they do for your community. If you hear people badmouthing police officers or making fun of them in some way, let them know that without the police, our world would be much different. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of food for thought to get people to change their tunes.

4. If you ever happened to get pulled over while driving, know how to politely respond. Keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times until the officer asks to see your license and registration. At that point, make sure you move slowly towards your glove compartment or wherever your paperwork is stored. Don’t start making excuses or using a negative attitude in your responses as that will just anger the officer.

Showing support to law enforcement is an act of kindness that very few citizens choose to partake in. They protect families! Many people have a negative view of the police force claiming them to be unfair or not doing their jobs right. Instead of focusing on the negativity in our modern world, why not focus on the things we’re thankful for? Going the extra mile could truly make someone else’s day!